APPsolutely Crazy

hand-apple-iphone-smartphoneApps are supposed to make your life easier right? You can schedule a pick up with Uber with the click of a button, book an apartment while travelling with AirBnB in less than one minute, and find a date on Tinder with just the swipe of your finger  Need a babysitter?  There is an app for that too! The question is when did finding a babysitter in the same way become acceptable?

As a mother and a nanny agency owner for the last 15 years, I have a unique perspective. I understand the pressure on overworked parents to find childcare for their children and their need for a break, date night or work day. I also understand the time and expertise that goes into screening a nanny or babysitter. That is why I have become more and more concerned about the apps that are coming on to the market promising parents that they can “get your social life back” and “quick and easy setup with 3 – 4 interviews in 10 minutes”. The companies creating these apps work in the tech field and have absolutely no understanding of the childcare field. Finding a qualified babysitter is not quick, easy or cheap.

There are no shortcuts to finding quality childcare. Just because you can set up 3 – 4 interviews in 10 minutes does not mean any of them will be qualified or suitable to work for your family. At the agency we prescreen 10 nannies/babysitters for every 1 we hire and feel is fully qualified. At Nannies on Call the hiring process is long and involved for a reason. This is to ensure your children’s safety and well being.  

Who is checking the nanny’s references? How do you know they are not friends acting as the nanny’s past employers? I can tell you that checking the nanny’s references is one of the most time consuming and complicated parts of screening a nanny. I know these cursory checks done though the apps are not enough to ensure your family’s safety.

Nannies on Call has a team of people personally interviewing nannies, checking references, comparing resumes and references to check for discrepancies, collecting driving abstracts, CPR/First Aid Certificates, completing criminal record checks and even confirming university degrees all to ensure we have a pool of experienced, professional and extraordinary On Call nannies available to you wherever you may need someone. And we are available to families by phone when they have concerns or questions. I can guarantee you will not be able to find a phone number to talk to someone behind the app if you have a problem with one of the nannies.  In the end, high-end touches will always trump high tech when dealing with your most precious possessions.

Take the time to find somebody worthy of looking after your children.  They deserve that.


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