Game of Observation

Nanny bagAs a nanny fun does not have to cost money. This a great game that can be played anywhere, costs nothing and can be played with little preparation. It helps to develop children’s observation skills and their ability to recall information. The children will never know you have created a teachable moment.


  • Fifteen to twenty (less if you are playing with young children) small household object. (key, bottle cap, paper clip, safety pin, coin, ect)
  • Tray or tabletop
  • Towel or sheet
  • Paper
  • Pen


  1. Place the items on a tray or tabletop.
  2. Cover the objects with a towel or sheet.
  3. Have the players stand around the tray or table so each has a good view.
  4. Remove the sheet or towel and let the players look at the objects for one to two minutes. Then cover the objects again.
  5. Give each player a sheet of paper and a pencil.
  6. Challenge the players to write down as many objects as they can recall.
  7. The winner is the player who correctly recalls the most objects.
  8. If a younger child cant write is playing pair them with and older child or allow them to name the items out loud.
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