The Snow is Here.. now what?

While snow can mean shoveling, treacherous driving and figuring out childcare for parents, for children, it can be fun, fun, fun!

Here are some fun outdoor activities in the snow!

  1. Tobogganing / sledding / tubing
  2. Building a snow fort
  3. Going snowshoeing
  4. Building a snowman
  5. Maple Syrup Taffy (see instructions below)
  6. Making snow angels
  7. Skiing / cross country skiing
  8. Friendly snowball fights
  9. Skating on a frozen pond/lake
  10. Snow graffiti – Fill a spray bottle with food colouring and water, decorate the white canvas in your backyard!

Maple Syrup Taffy Recipe


  • A small pot from the kitchen
  • A candy thermometer
  • A baking sheet
  • About 12 popsicle sticks
  • 2 cups of real maple syrup
  • Clean, untouched snow. Make sure your snow is clean because you’re going to eat it!


  1. Scoop the snow onto the baking sheet.
  2. Pack the snow down onto the sheet.
  3. In your small pot, boil the maple syrup to “soft ball” stage on your candy thermometer (235˚F). See this picture? It’s VERY HOT! Make sure a grown-up boils the syrup for you. (and grown-ups, be careful too!)
  4. After the syrup has boiled to “soft ball” stage (235˚F), have a grown-up transfer the syrup into a Pyrex measuring cup for pouring.
  5. Pour the maple syrup in a line on your snow.
  6. Wait 30 seconds
  7. Roll your maple syrup taffy around a popsicle stick.
  8. Eat your maple syrup pops right away – they won’t last!!

Mmmm a sweet treat to enjoy after a fun day in the snow!

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Written By Jennifer Kelly:
Originally from Halifax, Jennifer joined Nannies on Call in 2008 as a booking agent and since then has been involved in all avenues that Nannies on Call has to offer – from nannying to office work, if you have a question about anything NOC related, there’s a strong chance she can answer it! She has her Bachelor of Education from UBC and an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from StFX. She also loves to travel, having explored parts of Europe, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia!


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