Alligator Snap!!

My husband had the best game for the children when I needed a few minutes to do something or get supper actually on the table after both of us staggered in the door from work.

Alligator Snap works great if Dad uses a deep voice by the way- have Dad lay on the floor hiding just outside of a door frame.  The object of the game is to let a tired Dad keep the children busy as they try and run by the open door frame and not get “snapped” by the quietly waiting Alligator. (Dad’s out stretched arms make the Alligator jaws and clap of the hands together make the loud snap.)  They can run over the jaws easily if his eyes are fully closed.  Beware!! Sometimes his eyes are only half closed!!  This can also work around a kitchen island.

Lots of roaring from the Alligator as he misses the children running by him is also required!!!  The kids would run off lots of steam when they were toddlers and when they got to be a little older they would work in tandem to see who could distract the alligator and then let the other one get by!!  I don’t know where they thought they were going!!  Super fun for the kids and Dad seem to love it just as much!!

Every now and then a poor little one would get caught by the Alligator and cuddled and tickled as he was being eaten and rolled with the alligator!!  Be warned the kids will jump on poor old dad also!!  Game ends when supper is on the table or Dad gets piled and captured by the children!!


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