Words From A Mama Bear

We can learn so much from asking questions and sharing information with each other.  One mama took the time to answer some questions and ponder what having a nanny means to her.  Working full time in the healthcare world and commuting between cities only permits her to spend about three hours a work day with her little girl.  Mom relies heavily on a nanny to be her when she can’t and sings her praises to heaven and back.

NOC – Can you share three adjectives to describe what having your nanny means to you?

MB – magnificent, better, helpful

NOC – What was the hardest part of deciding to hire a nanny?

MB – Reading about horror stories about child care gone wrong is scary…but I had to come to terms with trusting the right people along the way and it worked out beautifully.

NOC – What did you look for in a nanny?

MB – Going into it I would have first said, experience…having years of child care under her belt was key but after interviewing we actually chose someone who had the least amount of time being a nanny.  It became more about who they were, what they believed in and how they saw the world and treated my child.  We found an individual who is bright, thoughtful, caring and knows what me and my child need before I do!  Unbelievable.

NOC – What advice would you give other mama bears or nannies entering this union?

MB – As a mom, interview someone you would love to have as a member of your family…the rest will follow.  It’s important to communicate regularly about every day instances, mainly because sometimes I feel as if I am missing out…which I am to an extent but my daughter is being raised by all of us and together we’re bringing up a thoughtful, funny, inquisitive person. Our nanny keeps a diary of things they did together and things to share so it’s there for us to read at the end of each day…that’s very comforting.

NOC – What’s a fond memory of something you can share about your nanny and daughter?

MB – She is ultimately teaching a four year old how to give back to the community and participate in things that matter.  They bring towels and food to the pet shelter, they have planted a vegetable garden and tending to a plot in a community garden in our neighborhood.  After my daughter’s 4th Birthday (and consulting us), our nanny and daughter picked out books and toys to donate to a shelter.  Through this, we have a four year old learning to care, grow and share…meeting our nanny and having her in our life is more than I could have dreamed for!

Written By Susan Lee:
Susan joined Nannies on Call in 2005. Originally a much-loved on call nanny, Susan also managed the on call team before taking her current position as Client Services manager. The position was created specifically for Susan to highlight the sincere, gentle touch she brings to all her relationships with Nannies on Call families. Susan may or may not be reading her favorite book for the fourth time. But she will happily tell you about it.

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