Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

There may be times where a family would like to schedule a preliminary Skype interview for their first round of interviews. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will hopefully land you a second interview!

  1. Ensure your profile is professional! The first thing your interviewer will see is your username and photo, ensure both are appropriate. Or you may wish to create a separate professional account, since they are free!

  2. Dress for success! Just because you are interviewing in the comfort of your home, does not mean you should dress any differently than if you were meeting a family in person. It is important to dress professionally head to toe – you never know when you might need to stand up, and you definitely do not want to get caught with your pajama bottoms on! Different than a telephone interview, how you present yourself virtually is a big deciding factor and remember, the other party can see you!

  3. Connectivity! Ensure that you are in an area with a strong internet connection. It is a good idea to do a test run before getting on your interview call to make sure that the other party will be able to successfully hear and see you.

  4. Be aware of your environment! The camera does not just pick up on you but also what is around and behind you. Have a look around your space, ensure there are minimal distractions and you have an appropriate backdrop.

  5. Avoid unnecessary interruptions! Secure pets away from your interview space and turn off all electronics, (phone, cell phone, tv, radio, etc). Ensure you are in a quiet, private space with little to no potential for interruptions.

  6. Look at the camera, not the screen! It can be tempting to watch yourself during a Skype session. Try to orient the video box just below your camera, this will help guide your focus closer to the camera to help maintain eye contact.

  7. Be prepared with notes and questions! Have a copy of your resume handy and a list of questions you would like to ask about the position. Take notes throughout the interview and recap anything that was unclear with the interviewer at the end.

  8. Be enthusiastic! Let your passion for childcare and enthusiasm shine through in a skype interview. Engage your interviewer and keep your energy level high throughout the call.

Written By Jennifer Kelly:
Originally from Halifax, Jennifer joined Nannies on Call in 2008 as a booking agent and since then has been involved in all avenues that Nannies on Call has to offer – from nannying to office work, if you have a question about anything NOC related, there’s a strong chance she can answer it! She has her Bachelor of Education from UBC and an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from StFX. She also loves to travel, having explored parts of Europe, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia!

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