Children and housework

The trick to bring your children to help at home is to motivate them to do so. Here are some tips and tricks:

If parents do their tasks without complaining about it, the children learn that it is not a punishment to help with housework. Instead they learn to see it as something that is part of the everyday life.

When children help with housework they learn how to organize their things later by themselves. Of course they’re not always happy to do their tasks but especially the youngest are eager to learn and want to do all the things adults do. Therefore, it makes sense to involve them early with small tasks.

Very often parents tend to do everything by themselves only because it’s just faster. But this is only a short term solution, in the long term they risk that their children are growing up getting used to get everything done by someone else. And as teenagers they may best know how to operate an iPod, but not a dishwasher. Small mishaps like a broken plate should be taken with humor. It’s important to explain to them that things like this can happen.

Very important: The distribution of tasks. No one should be treated unfairly or overwhelmed. In addition to all obligations children should have the opportunity to be able to just being a kid. Sometimes we just need to “help to help them”.

You can motivate your child with fair praise, independence, pride and the feeling of being a part of a team!

Arrange a family meeting and discuss the tasks and let your children decide what they want to do. Despite good organization and fair agreements, children are simply not in the aisles. The trick is that parents let children choose between two tasks : Would you prefer to do the dishes or vacuuming? So it is their decision.

By Jenni Schoepe:
Jenni comes originally from Germany and moved to Vancouver in June 2013, right after she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and decided to stay. While she is busy helping to place our nannies she’s completing a Certificate for Human Resource Management at SFU. Jenni also enjoys traveling, reading and to discover new places in Vancouver.


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