Maternity Wear

Top 3 stylish pieces you can wear during & after your pregnancy.

Sometimes you feel like the only thing you want to wear when you have a growing belly is sweatpants. Having said that, whether you’re a working “mum-to-be” or still want to feel chic regardless of your size, sweatpants or yoga wear won’t always make the cut.

Here’s where we’ve got you covered with our top 3 picks that marries comfort and style!

Dark jeans: Always a classic staple in every wardrobe, you’ll want to grab a great looking pair of jeans that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy. And you can still get use out of them after the baby comes while your body is adjusting back to normal.

My picks: High- ($200)- Paige Premium Maternity Jeans– Worth every penny!



Low- ($70)- Topshop Maternity Jeans A more affordable option that still gives you great style & hey! You can buy more than just one pair!


The Black dress: Always a great option for your growing belly. Wear it with flats, or dress it up with some cute heels. Perfect for the office or for a dinner or event.



Motherhood maternity: 


Great tops for all occasions: Our picks for some great toppers that you can wear all throughout your pregnancy, and even after as a longer tunic style!

The Button Down- The twist on an old favourite!  The Gap:


Bateau Top- Stripes are always a classic! And it has pockets! Oh lala! Topshop:


The Cardigan: A great topper for before and after your pregnancy! Topshop:


Written by Amanda Rositch:
Originally from Vancouver, Amanda loves to travel and has lived in both NYC and Australia. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 10 years, and enjoys making women look and feel their best. She’s also attended Langara College to study Business Management, and enjoys being a part of the entrepreneurial spirit Nannies On Call encompasses.

She’s also a big movie nut (her other boyfriend is Netflix!) and enjoy cooking and spending time at concerts and music festivals.

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