Peek Inside Nanny Gina’s Nanny Bag

Nanny bag

My nanny kit is my go-to introduction toolkit.  Most kids love new things, and especially new toys.  What is in my nanny kit you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  I have magnetic blocks, a lego duplo set, some minimobiles, puzzles, books, games, and cars.  Everything that I have is washable (yay nursing), and nothing has small pieces, just in case a little one gets in there.  I have to say the biggest hits are usually the legos and the mini mobiles.  I like to ask kids questions like “Which one is the yellow one?”  and “where is the puppy?” as they like to show off their skills.  Parents also really like it when I bring in a nanny kit, because new toys are so much cooler than old toys. 🙂

Nanny Bag 2

Sometimes when I introduce myself to older siblings or bigger kids (7 and older) I like to make it silly and formal by shaking their hand ‘professionally’.  The kids are usually not used to being treated like an adult, so it gets some giggles.  With babies, I tend to (politely) ignore them and focus on the older sibling.  Babies are usually more comfortable with the new person if their big brother or sister is comfortable. 🙂

Meeting lots of kids is helpful for my future nursing career as I just got accepted into my first choice specialty area: pediatrics! Creating relationships with both patients and families is essential to good patient care.

Until next time,

Nanny Gina
Gina is currently a second year nursing student at BCIT.  She has been working for Nannies on Call since August 2013 and loves working with children of all ages.  She hopes that after graduating nursing school she is able to work in pediatrics!

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