Constructive Feedback

As an employee we always try to show our best side and are eager to perform. It’s not only to receive a pay cheque it’s about job satisfaction and achieving personal goals. Work is like a second family, as a full time employee you spent more hours at work and with your co-workers then with your family, friends or pets.

Therefore it is important to communicate with coworkers and your employer the right way.

Here are some tips for your communication:

  • Don’t criticize: When you criticize someone it makes him feel incompetent and unprofessional. Try to give constructive feedback instead, it may takes longer but it is time well spent. With telling how and why something is to be better done and what the outcome will be, there is a better understanding about the reasons for job expectations.

  • Ask before you give feedback:You can show respect for your co-worker’s and employer’s time and feeling by asking for permission to deliver feedback. Of course likes nobody to be told that they are doing something wrong, but it has to be done. The same applies for positive feedback.

  • Feedback can go both ways: Although employees don’t set the rules as an employer you should take their comments and suggestions seriously. Sometimes the people out there actually doing the job day by day have the best ideas for performing the job more efficiently.

  • Make sure you communicate on a regular basis. Meet once a month to give feedback both ways and to make sure room and time is given for a conversation.

Written by Jenni Schoepe:
Jenni comes originally from Germany and moved to Vancouver in June 2013, right after she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and decided to stay. While she is busy helping to place our nannies she’s completing a Certificate for Human Resource Management at SFU. Jenni also enjoys traveling, reading and to discover new places in Vancouver.

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