Bedtime snuggles and favourite book – Mommy magic time!!

Don’t underestimate the power of a snuggle and reading a favourite book together!

Set this time aside for truly doing nothing but reading and being beside each other and enjoying each others space.  Once a week I would let each child pick which book I would read to them twice in a row – they really love it!! I also used it as incentive if the kids were a little sluggish about getting teeth brushed and jammies on!!  Its amazing how they will get it all done if they get more time with you to just read softly beside them.

You can also use the time to let them follow with their fingers as you read the page or start to sound out every S they see etc–exaggerate their first letter of each child’s name as you come across it reading – they love it!!   Instill the love of reading early!!

Finally if its just been one of those days I recommend reading “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”, written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.  I think every mom has felt like the little girl in this book running from room to room and the whole house is out of order but the day has been great for your kids!!

Enjoy them – they grow too fast!!

Cheers, Shauna
Shauna is a mother of two teens herself and has been in the nanny industry successfully placing Canadian and international nannies for many years. She enjoys working with families to find just the right nanny for their needs. Shauna had also been a teaching assistant working hands-on with K- Gr 8 children as well as disabled children and those with learning disabilities. Shauna enjoys cooking, baking and loves exchanging recipes. She has been trying for many years to learn Spanish fluently but never seems to get enough practice!!