Beauty Essentials For New Mums, and Mums on the Go

When you hear people say, “you really can have it all” you probably cringe. Life is busy as it is, layer in being a busy new mum trying to at least look like you’ve showered in the last century can sometimes be a lot harder than you’d think.

With that in mind, here are a few fantastic life-saving beauty essentials that’ll have you looking great, and hopefully feeling a little perkier with a perfect and easy shade of blush (it really does make all the difference!)

Without further ado, we present 5 top beauty picks from our resident assistant and makeup artist:

Dry shampoo

KM-Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo
This little sucker will save your hair! See ya greasy roots, and hello fresh and clean! The only person that will know it’s been more than a couple days since your hair’s seen water is YOU!

Product recommendations: Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo, available in 2 sizes, travel and full size. For where to buy click the link:

Multi-tasking stick

nars the multiple
This bad boys can have your face looking fresh and perky in no time. Use it on your lips, cheeks, and even a dab on the lids to get that “bright eyed glow” even if you’re running on little sleep.

My pick: Nars ‘The Multiple’- Comes in a variety of shades, and one of the most universally flattering shades is ‘Orgasm’

Pick up at Sephora

BB Cream

BB Cream- Physicians Formula
I cannot recommend this enough! All the benefits in one tube to even out your skin, keep you moisturized and protected with SPF 20!

My pick: Physicians Formula Super BB Cream- Comes in 3 shades and blends perfectly to match most skin tones.

Available at most drugstores, such as Shoppers, London Drugs, and Rexall.

The Wet Brush

wet brush
This gem works on wet or dry hair and can also be used on the little ones. No more mussing and fussing with multiple combs and brushes, this one does it all! And it’s insanely affordable!

Get it here: Amazon

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve
This stuff’s been around forever; and for good reason. Use it on chapped lips, cuticles, diaper rash, dry patches of skin, and it’s safe to use on the kids as well! Cheap and Cheerful!

Pick up at Sephora

Written by Amanda Rositch
Originally from Vancouver, Amanda loves to travel and has lived in both NYC and Australia. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 10 years, and enjoys making women look and feel their best. She’s also attended Langara College to study Business Management, and enjoys being a part of the entrepreneurial spirit Nannies On Call encompasses.

She’s also a big movie nut (her other boyfriend is Netflix!) and enjoy cooking and spending time at concerts and music festivals.


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