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Forest TailsSimple natural crafts with children

I am the founder and owner of Forest Tails a small business making and selling all natural handmade Montessori and Waldorf inspired Creations. (

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” – Plato

With this love of crafting and all things natural I like to bring this to my work with children at Nannies On Call.

Some activities I like to engage children in are outdoor play, exploring nature and making our own worlds and toys out of sticks, mud, leaves, acorns, rocks etc. this helps to develop the child’s creativity and imagination.

Simple child appropriate crafts can always be found in my nanny kit. One such craft is a Waldorf inspired hand kite. Easy, simple, fast and with no mess!

Forest Tails

Hand Kite

Age: 3-6yrs. You can make these for younger children just be careful about the ribbons do not leave them unsupervised, older children often enjoy making these too.

Supplies: Wooden ring (I like to sand these smooth and seal with a locally sourced beeswax polish) These can be found at your local craft store and are inexpensive

Ribbon: Several meters, depending on how many you are making (I like to hand dye my own cotton or silk ribbons but this can be costly so whatever ribbon you have lying around or purchase from your local craft store also works)


  • Apply the beeswax polish, I find that children enjoy this process. It can be applied by hand and is 100% safe and non-toxic.
  • Simply let your child choose the ribbons, 6 strands is good. Cut each strand 25-30” Attach the ribbons to the ring by doubling the ribbon and looping it though itself or tie with a knot.

That’s it, it’s that simple now off you go to the park or garden to run around. Enjoy!

Written by Nanny Andrea:
Andrea brings over 8 years of childcare experience to Nannies on Call. A Certified Early Childhood Educator from Ireland, Andrea most recently worked as the lead primary teacher at Chatterboxes Montessori School in Ireland. Andrea has a passion for child development, which is very evident in her interactions with children. Known for her creative and enthusiastic personality, Andrea is at ease with newborns and up.

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