Parenting for the Modern Family

Raising a family doesn’t come with a manual and I believe that home life can be generally peaceful and nourishing. This requires creativity, commitment, and ideally experience. However, most do not have these skills before children arrive. This course will include many tips, tricks and techniques as well as ways of thinking that will have parents begin to creatively find their own solutions to challenges that arise.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost
60831 6 eve We May 06, 2015 1830-2030 $159


  • Class One: Introductions and  The Art of Asking
    • We will all introduce ourselves and have a conversation about the power of being able to ask for what we want.
  • Class Two:  Boundaries…Freedom or Confinement
    • Setting boundaries for yourself and your children
  • Class Three:  Sanity Savers For Parents
    • How to take care of yourself when there just doesn’t seem to be any time or energy left.
  • Class Four:  The Freedom of Predictability
    • Setting routines and dealing with ever changing schedules.
  • Class Five:  Hunger Games
    • Tips and tricks to create great eating habits for your children.
  • Class Six:  What Are You Giving Your Children For Life
    • A conversation in which we will consider how what we do with our children affects them now and in the future.

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VCRA 1022 –  (VSB)

Instructor:  Norma Toumayan

Location: John Oliver Secondary


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