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Nanny of the Month

Vancouver Nanny of the Month

Sarah¬†came to the agency in 2011 and we couldn’t be more thankful! Sarah is not only passionate about nannying and working with children but she is passionate about life in general. She shows avid interest in the arts and sports. Since her time with Nannies On Call she has worked with over 30 different families and has completed 4 placements; way to go Sarah!

Sarah is attentive, caring and patient with children. She is fantastic at providing an array of interesting activities for their amusement and development. Parents love working with Sarah as she is responsible and responds well to feedback. Her experience is not only as a nanny, Sarah has also been a Sailing Coach at a day camp and a swim instructor.

Sarah worked with Carrie’s family in a placement and Carrie has this to say about Sarah:
“Sarah worked with us for four years and in that time she became part of our family. Sarah not only took care of our daughters but placed great emphasis on helping them become better people. It was truly amazing watching how our girls grew in confidence, abilities and knowledge through their time with Sarah – but most of all had a fun time along the way!¬† We could not have had a better nanny for our children!”

Thank-you Sarah for being a shining part of the Nannies On Call team!

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