Get Out Into Nature and Make Your Own Discoveries

Have you ever had a booking where the kids want to stay in and play video games? There is definitely a big disconnect going on with Kids and Adults. I think if we can get back to nature, put that device away at least for the day and focus on the kids we can all have a better experience and connection. Most Parents really like it if we can get the kids outside as much as possible rain or shine. It’s good for their mental health, stimulating, they eat, they sleep better. That definitely makes things easier for our clients. It can be a real challenge to get them out of the house. Just be positive, excited and make it sound what we are going to do outside is going to be way more fun. Try bringing water balloons, making forts, faerie houses, playing red rover, hide and seek, side walk chalk, bowl of ice cubes to throw and crunch under your feet, bubbles always bring a good mood.

What are some of your favourite outside games?

I was totally inspired by this article in the Vancouver Sun. I was raised by Television and I hope to raise my daughter and do my bookings for NOC without screen time as much as possible.

DR SCOTT Sampson is the reason my almost 5 yr daughter is a dinosaur expert and wants to be a Paleontologist instead of a Disney Princess. This is a really great article to remind us to do that and give our kids some free range time. I was so recommitted to a screen free time by the article we went to the Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment in Richmond the next day.

“ In his book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ Richard Louv refers to this disconnection as “Nature-Deficit Disorder”. The City’s (Richmond) hope is that by constructing a dynamic play environment amongst trees and former farm fields, with a wide range of wildlife nearby, and adjacent to the Fraser River, one of the world’s great salmon producing rivers, we can help reconnect people with nature. And have fun in the process.” It is truly one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver. Do you live in Richmond or have bookings out there? Check it out!

Written by Nanny Laura.
Joined NOC in 2009 when pregnant with my daughter Keaton who is now turning 5. My experience on both sides informed the other. Now I love doing bookings with newborns. Much easier to deal with them when you are well rested , fed and showered! My reasons for being a Nanny have changed since I became a parent and I think I still do it because I have regular clients for a few years now and I genuinely love children. 

Before NOC I worked in theatre and film infront and behind the scenes and now work in medical offices doing admin part time which I juggle with Parenthood and other side lines. I live in East Vancouver and enjoy life there fixing up our bungalow for little to no money from Craig’s List and the Re-Store.

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