Sitting Down with Nanny Candice

Candice R. is the type of nanny your child(ren) will ask back for time and time again! She has the natural ability to engage the children in fun, healthy play as well as put parents at ease when their wee ones are in her care. We have had the pleasure of working with Candice as a nanny but also within the office!

Working within the office was a great starting point for Candice, as it helped her find her true calling. She learned that in fact, she did the patience and skills to become a nanny and found it in some ways quite similar to working within the office. Our office staff does their best to meet the needs of the parents, just as the nannies do. Both nannies and the office staff grasp the concept of requests, schedules and trust that the nannies working will be the best nanny they can be. At times difficult situations come about, but what gets both nannies and office staff through them is having patience, understanding and quick thinking.

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