Toddler Activities that require no setup!

My little guy is such a typical toddler – oodles and oodles of energy and a cute little attention span that lasts no more than a few minutes per activity!  And even though he has more toys, books and puzzles than any child should (thanks in part to Grandma, who rarely shows up to the house empty handed LOL), we need to come up with quick, easy and fun activities for him on the fly every day!

Toddler Activities with no setup!

One of my favourite blogs, Hands On As We Grow has a wonderful post about fun and easy activities for Toddlers that require NO setup!  So far, using the tongs to pick up mega blocks, cardboard boxes (enough said!) and pots & pans (sorry, neighbours!) are huge hits in our house. If you have a toddler, give some of these a shot and let us know which are your faves!


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