Social Media: How to make sure your professional and personal life are kept separate

In this day and age of technology, word spreads a lot faster than just by word of mouth. You can now have a reputation, relationship, or feud with someone you haven’t even met in person. Now, more than ever, it’s important to safeguard yourself online because you really never know….who is looking?

With the rise of Google and Social media sites like Facebook, everyone and anyone can be searched. Establishing and maintaining boundaries is important for the work place, but can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you are a nanny and work in someone else’s home. It all comes down to professionalism. The best place to start is by censoring your personal media pages. Start by Googling yourself and see what comes up, check the privacy settings on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites alike to make sure that your personal life isn’t open for public viewing.

Make sure that you use social networking appropriately, don’t use it to vent about your frustrations in the work place. What you say online is permanent and will follow you forever. Use your profile to promote yourself in a positive light by including your goals, aspirations and accomplishments. Always make sure you be careful when posting photos, especially is they are photos of the children you nanny for. Many parents are not ok with this, so to be safe, respect the privacy of the family and don’t do this.

Censoring your social networking will ensure your privacy and help maintain that important boundary between your professional and personal life, it can either make or break your reputation in the work place, so remember….keep it professional!


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