How do you cope with a child that is having a hard time falling asleep?

LatishaLatisha – ┬áNanny of the Month

Latisha has been working as an On Call Nanny with us for just shy of half a year. She jumped right in and has worked with over 32 different families and completed over 61 past bookings. Latisha cares for babies, toddlers and school age children and is frequently requested by many families. She is an Extraordinary Nanny and individual and we are very proud to announce her as our Nanny of the Month!

We asked Latisha some questions pertaining to her On Call work with Nannies on Call and this is what she shared:

NOC – What’s a great distraction for a child that is having difficulties with Mom/Dad leaving?

L – In situations like this, I use the peek-a-boo/hide and go seek effect. I realize that most children are slow to warm up and prefer their parents rather than a complete stranger. I try to hide my face and peek out slowly to catch their attention with a smile. Children will cry during this distraction whether their smiling at you or not. The smile simply signals that they are able and willing to come out of their shell for you.

NOC – How do you cope with a child that is having a hard time falling asleep?

L – I believe that when a child is having trouble falling asleep it is due to discomfort and might not always have to be because of you. As long as you try your best and give the child TLC I believe that you might succeed. I do my best through my actions to let them know that I am there for them. Cuddling and showing them that you care rather than just playing the role of a childcare provider makes a huge difference. This is because they feed off of our comfort energy.

NOC – Name the best songs to dance to with the kids.


NOC – Your best childhood memory!

L – Recess at school and telling my mom that I wanted to do everything that I could lay my hands on, which she supported me every step of the way. Even though my mind changed every week she at least gave me the opportunity to try it out. She believed in me.

NOC – It’s raining and you have to get the kids outdoors for some fresh air – outdoor activity suggestions?

L – I tend to avoid the outside when its raining because children can get sick. However a little rain doesn’t hurt anybody. So taking them out in their rain coats to splash in some puddles for a few minutes could prove to be a fun enough activity for them to enjoy.

NOC – Best snack recipe.

L – “Ants on a log” (for children with no peanut allergies). This was a snack I myself enjoyed in my childhood and I find that those that I tend after enjoy just the same. Another alternative is Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not only is it a great snack but the making process is a great interactive activity for the children as well; one in which results in a wonderful treat they love.

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