November Nanny-versaries

Nannies on Call thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our Extraordinary Nannies.  We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the on call and placement nannies that are celebrating their “Nannyversaries” this month.


Nanny Jessica B. is celebrating her 5 year nanny-versary with Nannies on Call. A creative, caring, calm and child- centered nanny, Jessica started with Nannies on Call in 2009 and she continues to enjoy the time she spends nannying and tutoring children. Equipped with lots of experience with preschoolers and school age children, Jessica has a special love for reading with children and sharing serious quality time over a great book. To date, Jessica has worked 405 On Call bookings with over 150 families! She is often requested back by families who tend to find her very professional, thorough and easy to talk to. Way to go Jessica!

Vancouver Nannies

Beth H. 8 years
Jessica B. 5 years
Laura G.M. 4 years
Monique W. 4 years
Anna P.  3 years
Paula C. 3 years
Beth B. 3 years
Ruhamah B. 3 years
Cassandra G. 2 years
Monika F. 1 year
Edina S. 1 year
Andrea B – 1 year

Toronto Nannies

Clio D. 3 years
Rachel A. 2 years
Kathrin C. 1 year
April L. 1 year
Alicia V. 1 year

Edmonton Nannies

Miel R. 2 years

Calgary Nannies

Julie K. 2 years
Denise D. 2 years
Baylee H. 1 year

Victoria Nannies

Laura P. 1 year

Keep up the great work nannies!


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