Injury Prevention for Children – Resources

As nannies, our main concern is making sure that the children in our care are safe at home, at the park, at the playground, or wherever the day may take us. Active supervision is one of the main strategies in preventing children’s injuries, according to the Canadian Paediatric Society, but there are many other tools and strategies we can tap into to make sure that, as childcare providers, we are prepared to anticipate, and act quickly in case of an emergency.

Below we have compiled a list of online resources related to the topics of children’s safety and injury prevention:
Safe Kids Week – 2014 Resources

Parachute Canada – Injury Topics (see the menu on the right hand side)

Child Safety Good Guide Practice

Keeping Kids Safe – At play, at home, on the move, weather dependent – variety of resources under various topics presented by Caring for Kids and the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Child Safety Link videos – PSA videos to bring awareness on various safety topics in English and French.


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