Over and Above your Nanny’s Wage!

Your nanny should not be responsible for paying for things relating to the day to day of their job. In certain cases this can’t be helped, so it is wise to have a petty cash fund on hand. If something last minute comes up, it will be your nanny’s responsibility to keep the receipt and give to you for a reimbursement. Please do not include this in your nanny’s pay cheque so that she is not taxed for it and compensate her as soon as possible. Here are some common examples of extras that may come up.

Reimbursement for the use of their personal vehicle for work related travel is the most
common reimbursement that nannies receive. The government standard is currently $0.54/km and is reassessed each January (depending on fluctuations in fuel prices). This covers the cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance of a vehicle on a per km basis. It is important to keep up to date on current rates. It is the Nanny’s responsibility to keep a log of km’s driven for work purposes and submit this to the parents once per month.

When a nanny is transporting the children or performing other family related errands, any parking fees that she may pay out of her own pocket should be submitted for reimbursement from the employer.

Public Transit
Use of public transit to escort the children to the library, lessons or any other destinations that are part of the nanny’s care duties would be another reimbursable item if the nanny pays for it herself or uses her personal transit pass for these excursions.

Family expenses
Although it might not be considered a normal part of a nanny’s duties, it would not be unheard of for parents to ask their nanny to pick up a
needed household item while she is out with the children (milk, bread, diapers etc). Please be sure to reimburse your nanny or allow them to have a petty cash fund

Normally, employers should provide a nanny with the funds necessary for a meal out with the children, such as lunch during a day spent at the zoo. In the case where the funds were not provided ahead of time, a reimbursement for the dining expenses of the children and the nanny would be in order. Be sure to specify if this is something that needs to be agreed upon in advance or if you

Most parents will want their nanny to have a cellphone with her whenever she is out with the children for contact and emergency purposes. It isn’t uncommon for a parent to pay a portion of the bill if they specifically want the nanny to have a great text/sms sharing plan.

Additional Training and Education
Sometimes parents will reimburse their nanny if they wish to further their education in the childcare field. This goes beyond the usual First Aid/CPR that is required when deciding to become a nanny. But if there are special workshops that parents are interested in their Nanny learning about (ie newborn training if they are expecting another child, cooking classes, special skills training etc) they may be willing to pay for their nanny to attend.

In some cases, parents may offer health benefits to their nanny or they may reimburse her for a portion of or the full monthly premium she pays for her own personal policy.

Remember it is important to discuss everything ahead of time. Having a contract in place is a great starting point so that both parties have an idea of what the expectations are on each side. Also, having great communication is key!

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