Halloween: The Fall Season to Trick or Treat

We are on the verge of the fall season with the leaves changing color, a crisp chill in the air, the sun starting to set earlier….and of course the bulk candy and treats we see being set up in your local grocery store! Here are some fun and different crafts and recipes to celebrate the fall season and Halloween!

Like carving pumpkins with the kids? Try using cookie cutters and a hammer to make different shapes and clean lines in your pumpkin! Or try something different; paint your pumpkin this year instead of carving it.

pumpkin carving

Want your house to smell like the fall season? Try boiling some orange peels with ½ teaspoon of cinnamon in some water on medium heat. It smells divine!

orange peels

How about a tasty fall treat that’s healthy?! Homemade apple chips are super yummy and taste like apple pie (without the calories).

apple chips

Remove apple core. Thinly slice the entire apple. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place apple slices on it. Sprinkle with cinnamon (sugar is optional). Bake at 275 degrees for two hours. At the end of hour one flip them over so they bake evenly. Remove when nice and crispy.

Here is a list of plenty of fun ideas for fall, pick a few and make them your fall goals!

  • Have a fall picnic
  • Frame favorite photos (in time for holiday gatherings)
  • Host a chili tasting night
  • Take a scenic drive to look at the fall leaves
  • Volunteer for an outdoor clean up (or rake your neighbor’s leaves!)
  • Bundle up and enjoy a bicycle ride or walk
  • Host or attend a bonfire (Must have S’mores!)
  • Help with a food drive
  • Make homemade apple cider
  • Decorate with leaves and pinecones
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Bob for apples!


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