How To Continue Educating Your Child Even When The Teachers Are On Strike

With the BC teacher’s strike looming in just a few weeks, Nannies on Call can assist with any of your childcare needs during this potentially challenging time.

Employing a Nanny will give your children the opportunity to continue learning such as having the Nanny and your child practice:

Science – getting outdoors and into nature to study bugs, ecology and plants
Physical Education – head to the local parks for some good old fashion tag and obstacle courses
Math – create some multiplication flashcards to practice with the children
English – make a trip to the Vancouver Library and check out some books
Home Economics – have them whip up a batch of cookies with a new gluten-free recipe
History – pull out your old photos and ask the nanny to help with a scrap book on your family tree

We have ensured we have plenty of Nannies to try and accommodate the volume of families who may be in need of care for their children. We have two services that can help.  The On Call Service is great if you need a Nanny to fill in a few days.  Or, if you are looking for more consistent care, then the Placement Service is the route to go.

Pairing up with another family you know means that you can split the costs and your kids also get to spend time with their friends.  It’s a win-win situation!

Just some ideas to aid the possibility of a delayed school year… Nannies on Call is here when you need us!

Give us a call on 604-734-1776 or visit our website:


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