What’s one of the cutest/funniest thing a child has said?

Karlyn MCalgary Nanny of the Month – Calgary Nanny of the Month
Karlyn fast tracked her way to being one of our most popular and requested On Call nannies!  She boasts an impressive 116 past family clientele and over 385 bookings since starting in June of 2012.  Karlyn is known for being amazing with our families with both her child care abilities and customer service!
We asked our August On Call Nanny of the Month a few questions about working as a Nanny:

Q – What are some of your favourite things to do with children?
Karlyn – As far as Things To Do are concerned, my ultimate favourites are building Book Nook Forts™ [coined the term myself] which is essentially just an epic fort of awesome proportions in which everyone piles inside and we tackle a stack of story books. Although, sometimes we build individual forts and I make “rounds”, reading to each fort’s child-dweller in turn. My second favourite thing to do is build papier maché creations. Paint, recyclables and sticky, gooey flour-glue are an unbeatable combination in my opinion.
Q – Why do you love the On Call work?
Karlyn –  I love On Call work because it caters quite nicely to my “workplace ADD” if you will. Essentially being able to see different families and hang out with different kids everyday keeps me on my toes and keeps me energized for more. Fresh environments, new challenges and different combinations of my skill sets being needed throughout the week is what I need to keep from feeling stagnant.
Q – What’s one of the cutest/funniest thing a child has said?
Karlyn – When a 4yr old girl I visit quite regularly anthropomorphised a crayon. She needed to put them away but there was no more room in the crayon box for this one, last little crayon. Quite appalled that I would even have suggested it in the first place, she said, “I can’t put it in with the pencils! He’ll get lonely in there, all alone, and away from his friends!” Needless to say, we found room for the sad crayon amidst his racial counterparts.

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