Kind words from a departing Manny

After working for Nannies on Call since January 2011, Gary quickly became one of our most popular and favourite nannies. We are sad to see him go but wanted to share (with Gary’s permission) his final email to the office. He most definitely served Nannies on Call proud!

I believe I have served NOC proud over my years of service. I believe that NOC has elevated the industry and I always spoken about NOC with nothing but pride. I believe I have helped NOC to become a better company and improve its standards directly and indirectly while on this manny-journey — and I know I have made a lot of families and kids very happy on the way.

If I can only count how many times…… I have played toilet tag, proudly lost many soccer games, played on many playgrounds throughout town, ice skated, swam, biked,  long boarded, scootered, ran, walk, piggy backed, carried the jackets, hats, shoes, and snacks, changed many diapers, built couch forts, sang countless kid songs (with actions of course), made special buttons with my button machine, surprised many kids (and adults) with my magic tricks, paper-mached, played monsters, ate countless frozen pizzas, made bracelets, how about that Rainbow Loom?, played dress up from a girl to pirate and everything in between, enjoyed countless yummy tea parties, enjoyed many games of hide and seek, planned and executed tons of scavenger hunts, blown up a zillion balloon animals, popped a zillion balloons, put on countless puppet shows that lead to drastic scratchy voices,  drastically increased my knowledge of current kids shows, picked up a billion lego pieces, been called Gary the snail hundreds of times, thrown dance parties till I couldn’t dance any more, hours and hours of arts and crafts, played tons of board games, card tricks,  poured countless glasses of milk and also cleaned up countless of spilled milk, folded and raced many paper airplanes, bounced on numerous trampolines, cooked many kid-friendly meals, washed many many many dishes, and wiped many of many cute little faces, laughed un-controllaby due to this amazing kids silliness, just sat and counted birds, just sat and listened to kids dream, and just sat and connected with parents and told them the great things about their kids and how lucky they are, received many hugs that warmed my heart, enjoyed the words “i had a lot of fun” and “please” and “thank you”and “I have to pee” and “I am done can you come wipe” and “this was so much fun” and “i can’t wait to see you next time” and my fave… “i wub you Gewy” …..

and above all my favorites ……… read many bed time stories and sang many bed time songs… and of course tucked the little angels in and said goodnight and dream well……and so so so much more…. I am a lucky Manny – yes, I maybe the only one but I think I have had strong voice and backed it up with my caring and fun actions.

I CAN’T wait to do all this for my very own one day and much much more!!!!!!

So not sure when I’ll be back, if I come back – so thank you for the years.  

 Thank you for all the trust and support over the years….. More so in the past 27 months, I have changed jobs twice, had a broken engagement, moved twice, had 3 very close people pass away, and of course a beautiful marriage  with my lovely wife Jenny…..

If for any reason, I can ever help you guys out  – please let me know.

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