Nanny with twelve years of Experience!

Vancouver Nanny of the Month

Vancouver Nanny of the Month

Nanny Ana – Nanny of the month

Congratulations are in order for Nanny Ana who began with Nannies on Call in 2010 and was a fast favourite to families and staff alike. During her time thus far, she has actively worked with our On Call department, taking shifts as her schedule permits and she has also been successfully placed on three separate occasions. She has worked over 160 On Call jobs and has often been requested back by families, always receiving glowing feedback. Ana is highly creative, energetic, warm and open. She brings over 12 years of childcare experience to the agency. On top of working as a nanny in her native Portugal for 8 years, Ana is also a trained performing artist and has worked as a puppeteer, clown performer, children’s storyteller and drama instructor! Described by past employers as extremely engaging, responsible and caring, Ana is sure to be on your list of favourites in no time!

Ana is currently working part-time with two families who both wanted to share some feedback on their experiences thus far with Ana:

“Ana has been a part of our family for the last two years. She has a genuine heart and puts everything into helping children and families. We are so grateful to have met Ana. She is fun, caring, full of energy and curious about learning and teaching others at the same time. Not only does my son adore Ana, but she has endeared our family and his friends around him. As a working single mum, I really appreciate having Ana at my side.”

“I am a stay-at-home Mom and found myself struggling with Post-Partum Anxiety/Depression.  We have two boys, ages 4 & 10 months.  Suddenly I went from a very capable Mother to someone who could hardly take care of myself due to the physical symptoms of the anxiety, let alone my two children throughout the day.  We needed help and contacted Nannies On Call.  We needed someone that would be able to just come in and take the initiative to do what needed to be done without a great deal of direction from me. The idea of having to train and direct someone all day just made me feel more overwhelmed.  The moment I met with Ana I knew she was the right person for the job.  My favourite statement she made in her interview was, “I always tell the kids I work with, never fear, Ana is here!” I could tell from our discussions that she would have no problem taking the initiative to do what needed to be done.

Ana is amazing with my children.  She has so much energy and enthusiasm when it comes to playing with the children and coming up with fantastic games to play.  She spends most days on the floor doing whatever silly thing my 4 year old comes up with.  I often walk in to find her with toy buckets on her head or to a giant fort in the playroom.  Our 10 month old adores her.  He actually screamed with delight the other morning when he saw her walk in.  It is clear that in the short time that we have had her as part of our family that the love my children have for her is reciprocated.  I can see it in her eyes when she is delighting in the latest development of our 10 month old or laughing and giggling with our 4 year old.  I often tell her how much I appreciate knowing that my kids are well taken care of if I run an errand or have plans for the day on my own that day.  That is no simple statement when it comes to me trusting someone to care for my kids.  In fact, Ana is the only one I have trusted to care for my kids other than immediate family which, I think, says a great deal.  Ana also helps around the house doing dishes, meal prep, laundry and tidying up.  She doesn’t wait for me to ask, she just does what needs to be done.  Ana also takes care of me by reminding me to sit down and eat and if I’ve had a rough night awake with the kids she immediately lets me know she can take care of everything and that I should go back to sleep.  Although we currently have a temporary contract with Ana, my hope is that we can somehow find a way to continue on with her after she returns from a trip abroad this summer.  Her statement in her interview is completely accurate.  I never fear when Ana is here!  I told her the other day that I wouldn’t let her go without a fight. :)”


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