Being a New Nanny: Proactivity and Persistence

Being the “new kid” is always hard, and it’s the same when you’re a grown-up and entering a new position. On-Call is similar: you’re new, your team is still getting to know you, so how do you start getting work while competing with other extraordinary nannies with established reputations?

The key is Proactivity – you have nothing to lose by calling the office and saying hello, or emailing us to say “hi” and introduce yourself via writing! This is a great way to break the ice so the booking staff can get to know you personally and match it to what we know already about you on file. Your childcare expertise is not in question (you wouldn’t be here if you were!) – it’s your personality and drive!

Realistically speaking, some of the On-Call work you want will often go to established nannies who are “tried and true”, but don’t be discouraged! Be Persistent – call and email, ask for details if you have questions, let us know why you would be the best fit!

For example:

  • Maybe you’re a very artsy nanny with a kit bursting with crafts, and you notice a booking taking place with kids that are going to be cooped up inside due to bad weather
  • Or maybe you have doula training, and see a booking where it’s a mother’s helper position for a first-time mom

All those things tell the office that you are critically thinking about a given On-Call booking, and that you are carefully choosing the ones where you know you will benefit the family best.

A new nanny who is proactive and persistent will start getting bookings much faster than a nanny who just sits and waits for things to fall into their lap. Once you meet your first couple families and really dazzle them, it means they’ll remember your name and ask for you next time they book – and possibly recommend you to their friends!


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