Calgary Nanny of the Month

Fevie – Nanny of the Month

Fevie is a professional nanny and has been since 1988. She takes pride in helping children to reach their full potential and is very dedicated to their growth and development. Fevie believes in the importance of teaching children to have good manners and treating people with respect, she is described as patient, kind, punctual and honest.

Fevie found a new family to work for in SE Calgary in November 2013. Her family has said the following things about her already: “Fevie has been absolutely wonderful for our family. In the short period she has been with us so far, she has really bonded with our daughter. Our daughter waits by the window when she knows Fevie is coming so that she can waive at “wawa” while she walks to the door. Fevie takes the time to develop our daughters’ language skills, teaches her how to clean up after herself, helps with potty training and even convinces our daughter to keep a pony tail in her hair for more than 5 minutes. She also goes above and beyond our childcare needs, helping with our household chores while our daughter is napping. We are so pleased with our experience.”

Fevie has some amazing skills and rapport with her family and the child!! Way to go Fevie! This is why you are our Nanny of the Month

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