Facts For Your Family – The Why and Hows!

If you are one of our On-Call nannies, you will have seen (and hopefully extensively used!) our very colourful, double-sided Facts For Your Family/Notes For Your Nanny sheets.

We encourage nannies to always use the FFYF side of the sheets, as it helps you keep a good, accountable record of what happened during your workday in case you miss anything when verbally giving feedback to parents. It also keeps a written record of patterns in childcare and child habits, and some families find that very useful for personal note if there are things they want to keep on observation (e.g. behaviour, potential allergies, duties completed etc.).

Many nannies used to working on their own exclusively with one family may not be used to the idea of such record keeping, but a professional nanny who is part of an agency team will always endeavour to keep a written account of their day to provide to the parents – especially if you are working with a variety of different families, all with different expectations of you and your booking.

Even if you are incredibly busy juggling kids, dinner prep, activities, and so on, even a quick scribbled note to yourself with a timestamp can become very important later when you’re reviewing your day!

Here are some tips on how to effectively use your FFYF:

  •  Keep an eye on the time! Glance at the clock or your watch and note when something is completed (e.g. “4PM – twins started homework, 4.30PM – did piano practice and finished 2 exercises.”)
  • Ideal times to write things down: naptimes or when kids are put to bed, moments where you are waiting for a class to finish, when kids are watching a movie, when kids are focusing on homework or another activity, etc.
  • Too busy to write? Sometimes that happens! Be sure to tell your client that this was the case, and still go through the highlights of the day.
  • Forgot paperwork or had a messy spill on your forms? Even regular paper is okay (even if it’s not as pretty) – it still shows a record of your day, and shows your commitment to accountability and thoroughness.
  • If you can, include fun highlights and make a parent smile: Did one of the kids complete something they’ve been working hard on? Maybe the kids met a friendly dog at the park? Or perhaps one of the kids said something very witty indeed, and it brightened your day too?


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