What’s in your nanny bag – Part 1

We enlisted the help of our extraordinary On Call nannies and did a little digging in their nanny bags. We discovered a world of creativity and preparation! If you are a new nanny with Nannies On Call or a current nanny looking for new ideas to refresh your nanny bag, have a look at some of the things your fellow nannies carry in their amazing nanny bags.

Junior MasterChef – Inspiring Kids and Cooking!

Every now and again, a family-friendly TV program comes up that is worth sharing, even from a surprising source!
Junior MasterChef has competitors who are all kids recruited across the USA between the ages of 8 to 13, competing in cooking challenges for a top prize of money and a scholarship to culinary school once they’re of age. Adults may have raised eyebrows knowing Gordon Ramsay is the host and one of the judges, but after viewing the first episode, we can attest that Ramsay and his fellow judges are certainly very goodhearted, tactful, and wholly supportive of the children competing. No shouting, no swearing – honestly the only real sass comes from the kids themselves!

Vancouver Nanny Available!

With her ECE Degree and Special Needs Assistant Certificate, Noelle brings over 24 years of childcare experience to the agency. A mother herself, Noelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled; her previous employers describe her as “invaluable” and “absolutely adored” by both parents and children alike. Originally from Quebec, Noelle is actively involved in the Francophone School Board and French Cultural Centre, and writes for a Metis magazine in her spare time. She speaks fluent French, Spanish and English, and has been a French tutor for children.

Seasonal Winter Decor with Nature Scavenger Hunt

With winter on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have the kids help with the decorating? How about starting it with a scavenger hunt! Bring baskets, bags and scissors or pruners (carefully), and go on a little walk, whether in the backyard, the park, or the forest.
(Scavenger list may change depending on flora in your area and your decorating desires).