Nanny of the Month – Calgary

Meet Tracey! She is originally from Perth, Australia and has the accent to prove it. She recently joined the Nannies on Call team.She will be beginning a full time placement with a wonderful family in SE Calgary on July 15th!   Tracey has experience with children ages 2-12. She has worked in a variety of… Read more »

Communicating with Head Office As a Nanny

For new nannies, it’s always exciting to join a new agency with all the future work prospects and the potential to find the “magic match” with the perfect family. However an agency also means you have competition for work with other extraordinary nannies, and without practice, an unprepared and sloppy inquiry can mean the difference between a position being offered to you or someone else.

Free Activities for the Summer

Are you looking for some fun things to keep the kids busy this summer? Here are 66 ideas to keep you busy going summer!

Library-STORY TIME – something about a different setting breaks up the routine for the kids, gives them something to look forward to.

Local Park – go early, pack a lunch, bring a drawing tablet, enjoy the outside before its too hot.

Take a field trip.

New In Children’s Books

Summer time is a great time to spend some quality reading time with our children. Want to find out what’s new in the world of children’s books? We have compiled a list of handy online resources (beyond what your local retailer offers) that will help to keep you posted on the latest titles, reviews, and book related activities.

The ‘Hired Help”

So, you’ve hired outside assistance. Either your laundry is piling up, you have dust bunnies under your bed, your plants need watering or your children need some stimulation. We have all been there; we need more time in the day. Working full time, having children and maintaining a house is not an easy task. And gone are the days of your other half coming home from work, cracking a beer while you whip up dinner, fold laundry and get the kids lunches made for the next day. This is 2013! We live in the now, which means that everyone pulls their weight. Which also means that we all take on too much and work really hard.