Three Tips to be a Better Nanny

Being the first point of call for applicants and nannies I get to talk to a lot of different people. The most successful nannies that I have seen are professional, friendly and proactive. And it is no surprise that the ones that are a “breath of fresh air” to us are also a favorite with our clients.

It is important to remember that as a nanny your childcare skills are important but if you lack professionalism and communication skills you may not even get to show off your childcare skills.

Electric Tealight Votive Craft (ages 5+)

This craft is a good afternoon-filler because it is challenging for youngsters and has multiple steps, which can even include a nanny-and-tot or parent-and-tot expedition to the dollar store for the supplies! All supplies may already be found around the house except the battery-operated tea lights, so this craft can cost as little as the $1 for two tea lights. It was $6 for me to buy all the supplies new, but this craft only used a fraction of the tissue paper and glue so there was a lot left over for future crafts. Bonus: the finished product looks fancy enough to be a birthday or holiday gift for a loved one.

Valentine’s Day

Valentines can be a special time of year not only for partners but for children as well. I fondly remember the efforts my mum went through to make February 14th an extra special day for the family. She would get out a red tablecloth and decorate the dinner table in fancy red candles and shiny heart cutouts, accompanied with some sweet treats for dessert, usually included were the token Valentines Day Cinnamon Hearts. Mmmm!

Join the Nannies on Call Team in Calgary!

Nannies on Call is looking for a creative, smart, sensible person to join our team as a Personnel Clerk in Calgary. Nannies on Call is a bi-coastal boutique nanny agency based in Vancouver, BC since 2001 – with branches in Calgary, Toronto, Whistler and Victoria. We provide on call babysitting and full-time, part-time and short… Read more »

Korean Nanny

Meet Carma!
Carma moved to Canada from Korea as an infant. She has worked for the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre as well as Supported Life Styles working with both children and adults who have reduced mobility. She’s volunteered her time in a daycare centre, has nannied for 2 Calgary families and has a combined total of 15 years of babysitting experience. Carma loves nannying and caring for people. She has a very warm and nurturing demeanor and has loads of special needs experience.

Kids & The Apple App Store

It’s a reality that our kids are growing up in a very tech-heavy era, and the speed that they can grasp how things work can leave many adults in the dust! Online app stores such as what Apple or Android provide can host a multitude of child-friendly games that are easily portable and quick to start up to fill brief gaps of time where one may need a speedy distraction.

Why Avoiding Conflict as an Employer is Not a Good Idea

Some people will do everything humanly possible to avoid confrontation. With your personal relationships, this is arguably a good characteristic to have, however as an employer, it is your job to put these feelings in your back pocket and deal with various issues as they come up.
It can be hard when you have a nanny working in your home and some parts of her behavior are getting under your skin. I don’t mean the minor things (ex. How she loads the dishwasher or that she dresses your child in his blue coat when you prefer the red one). I’m talking about more serious issues that make you question her professionalism – punctuality, sick days, being grumpy when she arrives, not doing things when asked, talking on her phone etc. As an employer, it is your responsibility to sit her down and have a chat about these issues AS THEY HAPPEN. Sweeping these issues under the rug does nothing at all to improve the