Seasonal Winter Decor with Nature Scavenger Hunt


With winter on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have the kids help with the decorating?  How about starting it with a scavenger hunt!  Bring baskets, bags and scissors or pruners (carefully), and go on a little walk, whether in the backyard, the park, or the forest.

(Scavenger list may change depending on flora in your area and your decorating desires).

Can you find:

  1. Holly branches with red berries (not edible)
  2. Vines of Ivy
  3. Pine boughs and needles
  4. Cedar boughs
  5. Part of another evergreen bush or tree
  6. 5 Pine cones
  7. A different dried plant
  8. Eucalyptus leaves
  9. 3 acorns (and name that tree)
  10. A dead branch
  11. Something from nature that interests you…tell why

Because holly and ivy are invasive plants not native to Canada, you’ll be doing a favour by taking these.  The evergreens shouldn’t mind a little pruning if done with sharp pruners at branch node (by adults).

Now that you and the kids have brought back all the finds from the scavenger hunt, what to do with them?

One easy winter decoration is to line the stair railings with green boughs, and intersperse with some ivy. (Caution: extra vacuuming or sweeping will be needed.) Consider tying with twine or ribbon.

Place prickly holly branches with their beautiful red berries in out of the way decorative spots, such as the fireplace mantle.  This can be accented with candles, pine cones or cinnamon sticks.

  • On the dinner table, a few pillar candles, oranges, limes or pears on a bed of green pine boughs is beautiful.  Add pine cones as well.
  • Allow the kids to have a table or other area to create their own decorative space.
  • Using twine or other craft materials such as wire, show the kids ways to tie boughs together to create a wreath.  Add ivy and other natural decorations.
  • Create a green bouquet in a vase or goblet


Great decorating ideas and photos can be found here:

By: Tara Beninger is from Victoria and loves making nature crafts with kids.

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