Junior MasterChef – Inspiring Kids and Cooking!

Every now and again, a family-friendly TV program comes up that is worth sharing, even from a surprising source!

Junior MasterChef has competitors who are all kids recruited across the USA between the ages of 8 to 13, competing in cooking challenges for a top prize of money and a scholarship to culinary school once they’re of age. Adults may have raised eyebrows knowing Gordon Ramsay is the host and one of the judges, but after viewing the first episode, we can attest that Ramsay and his fellow judges are certainly very goodhearted, tactful, and wholly supportive of the children competing. No shouting, no swearing – honestly the only real sass comes from the kids themselves!

We were personally boggled by the talent and the skill of the kids competing – TV magics aside, it’s certainly inspiring to see such young, bright kids pursue cooking with a passion, and with skill and aplomb that put many a grown-up to shame (when was the last time you made pistachio macaroons with vanilla dulce du leche filling from scratch?). Maybe it may inspire some of us (and our kids) to try our hand in making our own fancy suppers and desserts?

Here’s the first episode for you watch and decide for yourselves:

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