What makes a good nanny?

Do you meet the criteria for what parents expect from their nanny? These are the qualities almost ALL parents expect from their nanny, starting with the most important at the top. If you have love for the children and the job, that’s the most important skill.

  1. Reliable and punctual.
  2. Good listener, good at following through and detailed oriented.
  3. Respectful, well mannered, with good morals and values.
  4. Patient.
  5. Dependable, Resourceful, Proactive, Creative and Responsible.
  6. Careful, safe and hygienic.
  7. Able to multitask.
  8. Good communication skills and open to feedback.
  9. Good organizational skills.
  10. Trustworthy
It may seem simple and trite, but this is what you need first and foremost. Absolute and unconditional love for children and their job. Then you will be a SUPER AWESOME nanny.

Written By: Judi is a mom to 2 wonderful kids who love to read, kinda like herself. She has experience as a Teacher-Librarian, making sure others receive the gift of books and reading for a lifetime!

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