Thanks Will Come!

As parenting book author, Ann Douglas states, “Your kid will thank you (some day)”.  A good friend of mine is balancing her 1 year old and soon-to-be teen age son and boldly states that “parenting is such a thank-less job….”.  While her baby offers her coos and cuddles and melts her heart, her now pubescent child is not exactly oozing sweetness.  Everything has a bit of attitude in the exaggerated “IT’S NOT FAIR…” and “I DON’T CARE…” and the eye rolls are more than she can take, what happened to the clinging boy who once could not get enough snuggles.  As we all know it comes around full circle and the “thanks” appears in small ways that matter.  It might be an overheard conversation where you hear your child bragging about your famous Sunday dinners or the fact that “you taught them how to do that” will come back in spades.  So don’t despair, those family dinners that they are dragging their feet to the table will one day be requests of “so when can we come for dinner?” – it may just take 20 years!

Susan Lee-Shipley – thankful daughter and regular Sunday Dinner Attendee

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