Halloween Potions

magic potion copy


It’s magic potion time!  The kids will get such a kick out of this & it’s very easily put together too.  All you need is a few different colors/flavors of KoolAid.

You make the KoolAid according to package directions & then pour some of it into ice trays – a different ice tray for each colour.

When the KoolAid cubes are frozen, pop at least one of each into clear cups & top with lemon-lime soda. (“7-Up or Sprite”) As the ice cubes melt, the ‘potion’ will turn cool colors & change flavors too!

Written by: Judi is a mom to 2 wonderful kids who love to read, kinda like herself. She has experience as a Teacher-Librarian, making sure others receive the gift of books and reading for a lifetime!

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