Enter With A Smile!

Nothing says “dud” like a nanny arriving without a smile on her face – and worse, no eye contact.  You might be the best Mary Poppins with the children but if you do arrive exuding warmth from the get-go the booking has gone south!  The point is not to go in juggling balls (if you can, hats off to you!) but to come with a friendly attitude that sends the message “this is going to be really great!”.

Like any job, prior to starting work you might have woken up “on the wrong side of the bed” and not feeling super sunny – doesn’t matter, it is important to put on a happy face and not let that interfere with you not being 100%.  If something tragic has happened or you are not feeling well enough to work then you should not be there and no one can fault you on that.  Smiles are contagious, so if you show up with a smile on your face maybe you’ll change their spirit with just a simple movement of a mouth muscle!

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