Kids Can Volunteer!

The world is a better place because of volunteers and teaching children at a young age how to give back is a wonderful way to contribute to society and bring happiness all around.  It can be as simple as allowing the child to pick their toys or games they wish to donate to a shelter or children’s hospital and then accompanying you to drop it off.  Another great way to give back is to bake cookies together and drop them off to a Retirement home for seniors and experience the satisfaction of giving and sharing.  If your child is an animal lover, introducing them to an animal shelter and perhaps registering to be dog walkers or if they are too young for this task, assisting with feeding the kittens can be very heart warming as well!  There are so many ways to give back that do not require money or muscle and perfect for the little people in our lives who are being shaped from day one as to who they are going to be!

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