How to create an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun, creative way to have your young kids playing and learning at the same time.  For an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt create your own pictures or cut outs of items that are around your house or easily obtainable, such as:

A- Apple (use a real apple)
B – Boy (use a male figurine or Fisher Price boy)
C – Car (a toy car)
D – Dad (a photo of dad)
E – Elephant (a stuffed toy elephant)
F – Feet (your own!)
G – Golf ball (an actual golf ball)
H – Hay ( a plastic toy piece of hay)

Choose hard cardboard stock and paste the pictures on each card.  Label it “A for Apple” etc; and then hide the objects around a room and have your child hunt for each word in alphabetical order.  This is the perfect game for indoors or outdoors and will keep you little ones busy (for a while at least!).

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