Calgary Play!

Now, Calgary families may already be aware of this, but I came across the TommyKPlay Indoor Playground and Family Entertainment Center when I was doing a reference verification for an applying nanny. I was quite intrigued and so I checked out the location. I must admit that I am rather envious that I didn’t have the chance to visit such a facility when I was a child. The facilities are well staffed, can accommodate birthday parties and they provide a comfortable and clear space for adults to watch their children play.

This indoor playground can accommodate children from 0-12 at decent prices. Ranging from $7.95 – $12.95 depending on which location and age group you fall under. Adults and newborns – 9months are free!

On the next rainy day, when you’ve run out of indoor activities, I would suggest checking out TommyKPlay. It appears to be a great spot for kids to safely and enjoyably burn off some of their rainy day blues in a fun and active environment.

Another great site I’ve come across is a great review listing of all playgrounds, parks and indoor play facilities in Calgary. This is a great resource with pictures to help you when looking for new adventures to embark on with your little ones.

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