The Importance of Being Honest When It Is Time to Let Your Nanny Go

Sometimes, things just simply do not work out between you and the Nanny and you make the difficult decision to let her go. We feel that it is very important to be honest with the Nanny about the reasons for the dismissal.  If you have had open and honest communication along the way and have given her warnings if it has been a reoccurring problem, this conversation will be much easier and she will not be hit sideways with the news.

Some parents prefer to tell the nanny that her termination has nothing to do with her job performance and that the family’s circumstances have changed (ie.  ‘We can no longer afford you’ or ‘We got a spot in daycare’) when in fact, this is far from the truth. We understand that you don’t like conflict and you would rather keep things harmonious but this is not helpful for many reasons:

1)    You open yourself up to a potential disgruntled ex-employee who might feel that this was unfair dismissal and may decide to take things further.

2)    The agency is put in a sticky situation if you have been honest with us about the real reasons for the dismissal but have asked us not to address the issues with the Nanny.  The agency must decide whether we will be able to help the Nanny find further employment and we are forced to make this decision after only hearing from one party.

3)    What are you going to tell potential future employers when they call you for a reference?

But most importantly, the Nanny is unable to grow and learn from her mistakes.   Do the right thing and provide the real reasons.  She will thank you for it later.

Kate McGeachin has been matching nannies and families for 8 years.  She lives in Vancouver with her husband and her daughter.  When she is not camping, skiing or biking, she is scouring the Internet looking for the latest vegetarian gluten free recipes. 


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