Happy Mother’s Day!

The day where we celebrate moms, grandma’s, and all special ladies in our lives is nearly here. It can be challenging coming up with unique ways to show these women just how special they are to us kids. Here are some ideas to help spark some creativity.

Give Mom a “Me” day.

Mom just may wish to have a couple of hours to herself. First call up Nannies on Call, so that reliable childcare is arranged. Next, have the children prepare a special basket or goodie bag for mom. You may wish to include her favourite book, her favourite snack, maybe even a map to cozy coffee shop or park they she likes to visit. Now when the nanny arrives, and mom is confused, the kids can surprise mom with the special pack they prepared and tell her she has the afternoon off.

Fingerprint Dove

Now I really like this idea, it is a great way to incorporate all family members into a creative gift for mom or grandma. Deciding which design may be the toughest part of this activity, but try to think about what symbol, shape or animal may be special to her. You may also wish to search on the Internet, in books, or magazines for image ideas. See the below website for full craft instructions.


Share some suggestions you may have in our comment box below!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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