Highly Requested Nanny

Jewels supplied and styled by Hanna, 4 yrs old

Devon – Nanny of the Month

Devon has been an On Call nanny since February 2012 and to date she has worked with 67 past families and completed 193 bookings! We enjoy booking Devon since she is always warm and engaging and a pure professional! She has been a highly requested nanny for many families as well as a favourite for our bookings with professional sports teams. Devon’s sensitive and passionate views on child care are evident and she is always thrilled to receive the positive feedback from families writing in to say how “amazing” she was. Families have shared the following quotes:

“Booking Devon was the best decision I made all week. I could not have made it through the day (trying to move & travel) without her there to help with the kids.The kids were a grouchy mess before she arrived and were super happy the rest of the day with her to play with them. They wanted to know when she was coming back. ”

“I just wanted to let you know that my son Fred and I thought Devon was awesome. She was extremely professional and had a great rapport with my son. He’s always excited to have a new babysitter and sometimes behaves oddly due to his disabilities. Devon was great with him.”

Devon is always eager to meet and care for new families so if you wish to request Devon for your children ages 6 month+ please be sure to mention her name as a Nanny of the Month!

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