Hard Knocks

We as a society seem to always ensure that kids get things equal or fair, but is this really a good idea?  Could it be that we’re setting these innocent creatures up for failure as life isn’t always fair or equal.  Why is it that we automatically dole out equal portions of food, beverages or items for fear of what; the children will grow up learning they are separate entities and don’t often get the same salary, car, interest rate, discount or deal, I could go on and on….you get the idea.

As parents or care givers, we try and employ sense and reasoning when talking to children who are by definition are irrational and ruled by urges and using a waxy metaphoric does not always hit home.  I’m not saying I am fully convinced this is the answer but I do think it’s an interesting concept that deserves some ponder!

Susan Lee, Full Time Client Manager and Part Time Ponder-er!

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