Three Tips to be a Better Nanny

Being the first point of call for applicants and nannies I get to talk to a lot of different people. The most successful nannies that I have seen are professional, friendly and proactive. And it is no surprise that the ones that are a “breath of fresh air” to us are also a favorite with our clients.

It is important to remember that as a nanny your childcare skills are important but if you lack professionalism and communication skills you may not even get to show off your childcare skills.

There are some very common mistakes that I see applicants and nannies make that jeopardizes their chance at work. Below are some very simple and easy fixes that can be easily overlooked but if you do them well you can take your nannying to the next level. ☺

Answer your phone/get a voicemail

  • If we cannot get a hold of you we will give your booking/job to another nanny. It’s that simple.
  • It is very hard for me to direct your call if you call back saying “somebody from this number called me”. We have quite a few staff and any one of them could have called you for any number of reasons. It wastes your time and ours.
  • Having a voicemail is a very small cost but you will most definitely get more work because of it.

Be kind and considerate

  • We watch how you treat the office staff because we know you will treat others (families) the same way.
  • I’m sorry; if you are rude we will not bring you in for an interview no matter how great your qualifications are.

Listen, do your research and ask questions

  • Listening doesn’t take much skill but it is surprising how many nannies don’t actually listen to us.
  • Nannies that are knowledgeable get lots of work!

It truly is a pleasure working with you wonderful nannies and hopefully these tips will help you to be the best nanny you can be.

Jessica Picken

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