Real Costs of Private School:

What Does Tuition Cover?

Article by: Carly Maga for, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.

Cost is usually one of the biggest factors in deciding on a public or private education for a child. So what does your money really get you?

Private School Misconceptions

A typical morning at a private school looks something like this: kids stroll in with crisp khakis and designer blouses and wave goodbye to their chauffeurs and nannies and parents, who quickly drive off to their six-figure jobs in a new Mercedes. Or, at least that’s what the misconception of a private school would have us believe.

Quick and Easy Leftover Roast Beef Wrap

Lunch can be a delectable deli-like wrap when you’re using the leftover roast beef, steak or brisket from the last night’s dinner. No matter how small the amount of leftovers are, you can definitely enjoy it the next day at lunch, and the wrap only takes a few minutes to throw together.

Mature Nanny with Energy – Nannies on Call

Irene is a testament to those who only want a “younger nanny” as she is in her early 50’s and has unstoppable energy and enthusiasm! She is a great role model that proves that qualities are what matter most – not age. We judge her by her positive attitude and ability to engage with children of all ages. Clients have quoted her as being “full of light” and she is consistently pleasant, energetic and creative when it comes to her On Call bookings. Nannies on Call is proud to have Irene as our December Nanny of the Month!

Toronto Nanny Spotlight

Nanny Kimi has been working with children since 2004. She has worked as a summer camp leader working one-on-one with children with disabilities and Special Needs teaching skills like canoeing and swimming. Nanny to newborns and up including infant twins, Kimi loves to work with all ages of children! Born and raised in the GTA, she has worked as an Au Pair in Australia as well as on board a live-on sailboat in the Caribbean! She is a skilled face-painter and has been known to contribute her skills at birthday parties. Kimi loves travel and thinks that imagination and make-believe is some of the best magic that can be offered to kids.