Calgary Nannies Available

This month we are spotlighting a few stellar individuals that are looking for great families to work for.

Nanny Jamie

With Diploma in Child and Youth Care Counsellor, as well as full time House Manager experience, Nanny Jamie is looking for a long term family. She has experience with babies all the way up to teens where she worked in a group home for many years. Other experiences include designing programs for Big Brothers and Big Sisters helping children to help build self-esteem and teach problem solving skills, and for the Calgary Board of Education as an Educational Assistant where she worked with students who had learning disabilities and behavioral issues. She’s very professional, lives in the SW and she has her own vehicle. She is looking for full time ASAP.

Grandma’s Shortbread Cookies

It seems that this week Christmas has arrived! All of a sudden shop windows have Christmas displays, streets are lined with lit up trees and there is even the odd lit up reindeer or giant gift box.

I love every part of Christmas and look forward to it every year. One of the best parts of Christmas for me is my Grandma’s shortbread cookies. I love my Grandma, we have a very special relationship so I’m happy I get to make these and have a little piece of her with me at Christmas time.

Private School vs. Public School:

You want to give your child the best but you also have income constraints to think of. So how do you choose between private schools versus public schools?

How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

Choosing a school for your child is a daunting, even stress-inducing task. With so many choices—small school or large school, school of the arts or a technology-focused school, public school or private—it’s easy to default to the most convenient (read: geographically closest) choice.

A Nanny’s Secret Weapon: Parenting Websites!

by Lindsay Laurence Who needs recipe ideas for picky eaters, tantrum tips, and local kid-friendly activity listings?  Parents…and Nannies!  Luckily you don’t need to terrify your dates with piles of parenting magazine subscriptions on the coffee table; all of the below publications have websites, blogs, and e-newsletters to fulfill your every trouble-shooting and rainy-day-filling need. … Read more »

When is the best time to have professional family photos taken?

This is a question I get asked on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis—when should we schedule our family portraits? Well, I can’t say there is a perfect time or age or season, but there are a few guidelines you could follow to determine what would work best for you family.

1) Age is more than just a number – How old your kids are matters when it comes to portraits. For example, I like to photograph newborns in the first 3 weeks of birth, then again at 3-4 months, 6-9 months and the first birthday. You have to keep in mind the age difference between your children as well; two babies will be more difficult to photograph than a baby and a toddler, and if you’ve got three or more…having the older ones at an age where they can listen and follow direction will help make the session run more smoothly.

Remembrance Day

A Pittance of Time…

To some Remembrance day is just another day off of school or work, but to others the day has much more meaning. It can be a time to reflect on those people who fought so hard for freedom and helped Canada expand to the beautiful country that it is today, a safe location for people of all ethnicities. As generations get older and our population ages, we lose a connection with those veterans who served in wars, if they are not around, it is hard to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices they went through so long ago.

Staying off your phone

Our goal at Nannies on Call is to help you succeed as a Nanny and be the best Nanny in the neighbourhood. We want other parents calling us to say ‘We want a nanny just like her!’ These tips will help you get stellar references, which will result in higher pay and landing your dream job down the road.

Toronto Nanny Spotlight

Nanny Marissa is a polished Nanny, providing on call childcare for several families over the years. She has experience with infant twins, busy toddlers and also works as one of Nannies on Calls On-call Nannies. She has also been a Bible camp counselor, group home worker for special needs children, and has volunteered in Africa! Upbeat and positive, Marissa loves the outdoors, poetry, animals and especially music – she has played the violin for 13 years!

Help Send Nathan to Disneyland!

Nathan, now 6 years old, is diagnosed with Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which leads to kidney failure. In March 2010, Nathan went through a kidney transplant and is still receiving intense treatment today. Despite the struggle with his life threatening illness, Nathan remains an optimistic young boy with big dreams. He is fascinated with technology, enjoys computers and reading, which makes him appear quite intellectual for his age. “He is always coming up with good ideas on how to improve on things!” commented his mother, Tina. At Thanksgiving, when he overheard Tina complaining about the meat thermometer not working well, Nathan decided that when he grows up, he will invent a better one and described the concept that the thermometer can be left in the meat while it is being cooked and sends notification through a cell phone app when the turkey is done!